Edward Martin

As an entrepreneur at heart, I spent years experimenting with web development. I've built websites for myself and a few for paying customers. I learned a lot, but I felt as if there were gaps in my knowledge so I decided to seek a formal, structured education program.

Lindenwood University

With a full time job, I found Lindenwood University's evening ADP perfect for me. I enrolled September 2015 and graduated September 2018 with a B.S. in Business Systems Development. The program focused on web development, programming, database implementation, project management, and the development life-cycle.

Default Language

Although my original passion is web development, I quickly fell in love with the technical challenges and capabilities associated with programming. I settled with C# as my default language after using the ASP.NET framework in my web development class.

My Stuff

Programming Skills

Links to my profiles on networking, collaboration, and coding challenge websites.

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Coding Samples

Simple games, programs, and other coding samples to showcase my programming knowledge.

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Development Services

Need a website? I'd love to help. Send me a message and we'll schedule a time to discuss the details.

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Special Access

View/download résumé, transcripts, and more. Coming Soon!

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